Best Texas Hold’em Poker Downloads for February 2016

Texas Hold’em is the most popular poker game both offline and online. That also makes Texas Holdem the most popular poker download online. While every online poker room offers a Texas Holdem download, there are some that are much better than the rest of the others available. Key factors to consider when looking to download a Texas Holdem game are the amount of tables available and active at all times, the variety of limits (stakes) that Texas Hold’em games are available to play, and the ease and safety of depositing and withdrawing money. Here are our top three ‘Texas Holdem Downloads’ available.

Bovada Poker Texas Holdem Download

Bovada Poker is a large US-friendly poker site that hosts Texas Holdem cash games and tournaments at a wide range of stakes. Bovada itself is relatively new, but it is run by the same people that run Bodog Poker. This is a highly reputable organization with a soft player base. Whether it’s cash games, tournaments or SNGS you’re interested in, Bovada Poker has everything you need.

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Carbon Poker Texas Hold’em Download

Carbon Poker gets our pick as one of the best Texas Holdem downloads for a few reasons. First of all, the software is among the best industry. Not only does the software look great, but it’s stable, easy to use and comes packed with more features than any other online poker site. Carbon Poker’s history of fast cashouts and simple deposits further cement its place as a top tier poker site.

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Bet365 Texas Hold Em Download

Bet365 is a highly trusted company that operates around the world with a license from the UK Gaming Commission. A huge player base makes it easy to find tables at low, medium and high stakes Texas Holdem tables. Stable software serves as an added bonus for all Texas Holdem fans.

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How We Choose Our Top Texas Holdem Downloads

When determining the best Texas Holdem Downloads, we look at a number of factors including, but not limited to:

  • Ease of downloading and installing the Texas Holdem software.
  • Ease of signing up for a new account.
  • Size and clearing requirements of 1st deposit bonus.
  • Available deposit and withdrawal methods for real money Texas Hold’em downloads.
  • Game selection and availability.
  • Variety of betting limits (stakes).
  • Texas Holdem software quality, reliability, aesthetics, and game play.

We also have personally played at every poker site that is listed and ranked here, as well as the others that were left off this list. The three poker downloads listed here are easily the best of the best of online poker software.

What Is a Texas Hold’em Download?

A Texas Hold’em poker download is a software program that allows the user to play Texas Holdem poker over the internet against real people for fun or for real money.  After you download Texas Hold’em, you sign up for a free account.  Once you create an account and log in to the Texas Holdem software, you can sit down at free poker tables ad start playing Texas holdem against real people from around the globe.

Where to Download Texas Holdem Poker

Texas Hold’em is the biggest and most popular form of poker game in the world. When you download any of the free Texas Hold’em games listed above, you instantly gain access to live Texas Holdem games against real people over the internet.  Online poker downloads are the easiest and most fun way to learn to play Texas Hold’em poker.  You can sit at a virtual Texas Hold’em table and play live poker against players from all over the world in real time.

A download game – Texas Holdem poker in particular – gives you the opportunity to practice against real opponents. There are some Texas Holdem downloads that set you up against virtual opponents, but the AI in those games always suffers from serious flaws. Nothing can get you experience like a download game of Texas Holdem poker that pits you against real people.

For that reason, we recommend that you download Texas Holdem poker from real money poker sites. You are under no obligation to play for real money, but you do get to play against real people. Whether you play at the play-money tables or the real money tables, you’ll be playing against real human minds. Take a look at any of the above poker rooms to find the best Texas poker download on the internet.

Texas Hold’em Rules

Texas Holdem is played by 2 – 10 players at the same table.  Each player is dealt two cards face down called ‘hole cards’ to begin.  Each player bets in turn after the first two cards are dealt.  After the first betting round, three cards are dealt face up in the middle of the table.  These are community cards that can be used by any player at the table in combination with their hole cards to form the best possible five card poker hand.  Two more cards are dealt face up one at a time, each followed by a betting round.  After the last betting round, each player remaining shows their hole cards and the player with the best five card poker hand wins the pot.