Poker Torrents 

Poker torrents have grown in popularity as both online poker and torrents in general grow in popularity. A wide range of poker software, books, TV shows and movies can be downloaded through major torrent networks. Players who are interested in strategy can pick up free books while players looking for a little entertainment can download poker TV shows, movies and more.

Of course, there’s a moral dilemma when it comes to poker torrents. On one hand, everyone likes to get free stuff – especially if it’s high quality stuff like advanced poker strategy or full length poker TV shows. On the other hand, poker torrents are basically a form of piracy that leeches off the hard work of good people.

We personally don’t download poker torrents, but we know a lot of people out there feel differently. If you’re going to do it anyways, you might as well go in prepared. For that reason, we have compiled this little compendium that covers everything related to poker torrents of all types. Just remember that anything you do with poker torrents is your decision. We don’t promote poker torrents here – we just explain what it’s all about.

Best Poker Torrents

The term “best poker torrents” means different things to different people. For the purpose of this article, we’ll consider the best poker torrents to be the most reliable torrents in whatever category you’re searching for. There are certain places on the internet that you can visit to find the best poker torrents out there.

Major torrent sites that don’t specialize in poker have databases of millions of torrents, but it can be difficult to find the exact torrents you’re looking for. We did a quick search on Google and managed to find a couple of websites that specialize exclusively in poker torrents. If you’re looking for the best poker torrents, you’ll find them at those websites.

We don’t want to link directly to those poker torrent websites here, but you can find them pretty easily on Google. They are both pretty small poker torrent sites but they do a good job organizing and collecting the best poker torrents on the internet.

Both of the afore-mentioned websites link to poker torrents of all types. We found poker torrents dedicated to everything from the soundtrack of Rounders to software that quizzes your poker knowledge. The best poker torrents at each site have high share to leech rations, which means they should be pretty easy to download.

Poker Software Torrent

Poker software is pretty common at torrent sites. The type of software includes things such as PokerTracker and other programs that are designed to assist with online poker. Poker software torrents are also available for free from their official websites, so we recommend you visit the official website instead.

The problem with poker software torrents is that they don’t unlock the software for you. High quality poker software requires activation keys that you can only get by paying for the software and getting a key from the software creator. Sometimes a poker software torrent will claim to be able to unlock the full version, but you run the risk of downloading a virus or getting outdated software. Your best bet for poker software is to just pay for it and avoid the trouble that comes with pirated software.

If you do decide to download any poker software torrent, make sure you have your computer up to date with a good antivirus program. Torrents are not monitored by any official company, so it’s up to you to keep your computer secure. Computer security programs are not 100% guarantees against viruses, but they do help.

CardRunners Torrent

CardRunners is a poker training website that provides advanced poker strategy to poker players who are serious about improving. This poker training website gives players strategy videos, strategy articles, blog posts and online forums that are all designed to provide high quality poker strategy. CardRunners is the most popular poker strategy website, but it’s just one of many.

The problem with downloading a CardRunners torrent is two-fold. First of all, the CardRunners torrents that we have seen only include a couple of videos that are given out for free. You can get those videos for free by visiting the website and looking through the trial membership section. Additionally, a CardRunners torrent misses out on the other poker strategy tools that are offered by a full membership.

People are generally less willing to share CardRunners torrents because the strategy offered by sites like CardRunners is high quality stuff. Giving out the information in CardRunners just gives free ammunition to the opposition. Some people don’t mind sharing of course, but it’s not as common as sharing a DVD or some random e-book.

BlueFirePoker Torrent

BlueFirePoker is another big-name poker training website that does pretty much the same thing as CardRunners. The same thing also goes for BlueFirePoker torrents: people just don’t share that information as freely as they share other things on torrent websites. Some people do share, but there are not many uploaders.

Your best bet with BlueFirePoker (and CardRunners) is to just visit the official website and give their trial membership a try. You’ll get access to a big library of strategy videos and articles. At that point, you can decide if you think it’s worth purchasing a membership. From our experience, the membership cost of a high quality poker training website is recouped quickly through an improved poker game that results in a higher win rate.

Legality of Poker Torrents

The legality of poker torrents is a tough subject to tackle because the laws are not clear, the laws are enforced sporadically and the laws themselves vary from one country to the next. We can give you the basics of poker torrent legality, but we want you to know that we are not lawyers. The one thing we can tell you for sure is that it’s best to tread carefully when it comes to poker torrents.

One of the key issues surrounding the legality of poker torrents is whether or not sharing information about them is a violation of copyright law. On one hand, torrents themselves are simply links that do not store copyrighted content. On the other hand, some people consider the sharing of torrent links to be assisting in copyright violation.

Poker torrents are not stored on a central server like traditional downloads. Everyone who downloads a torrent also shares bits of that torrent with other people. Law enforcement cannot just nail a single file uploader because nobody actually hosts the entire file. It’s shared among a whole network of people.

Some people have gotten in trouble for sharing torrents in the past, though. People who share movie torrents have been served with lawsuits for downloading and sharing movies. Big websites that list torrent trackers have also been raided and fined in the past. If you decide to download a poker torrent, you’ll probably be OK, but there are no guarantees.

How Poker Torrents Work

Poker torrents are shared through a network of people who simultaneously share and download files. The first thing you need is a torrent program such as BitTorrent. This is the basic piece of software that is used to get started with poker torrents.

 After you have a torrent client, you will then need to visit a torrent website that contains special torrent links. If you have installed your torrent client correctly, you can click on any of those links to begin the download. The torrent link automatically opens your torrent program and begins the download. The only thing you have to do is sit and wait until the file is completed.

Poker torrents do not download files from a single server. Instead, they download bits and pieces of the file from everyone else who is sharing that torrent. This process spreads the burden of downloading the file across a great number of users. No single website or user is responsible for sharing the entire file. If one person logs off mid-download, your torrent program continues downloading the file from everyone else.

This is just our non-technical explanation of how poker torrents work. If you would like to learn more about downloading torrents, you can visit the torrent guide. That guide provides a more detailed explanation of how torrents work.