PokerStove Download

Poker Stove is a poker hand calculator created by Andrew Prock at RPS Consulting.

Poker Stove is available for download for Windows PC only and is free.

Download PokerStove for free from the official website:

PokerStove Download Review

Poker Stove is one of the more powerful hand equity calculators available whether for free or for money. While it is a great tool and it can help players learn from their mistakes, its interface makes it impossible for players to use it fast enough to use it while playing online poker. Poker Stove’s biggest strength is that it allows you to guess at a few possibilities of your opponent’s hand and then looks at the equity of that hand against yours.

Our Thoughts on Poker Stove

Poker Stove is a program designed for really advanced poker players who really want to analyze hands in-depth. It is not designed to teach players how to play poker, nor is it designed to teach strategy. It only gives players a numeric calculation of the relative strength of their hand versus the hand that they believe that their opponent holds.

A player who does not know exactly what this information means certainly won’t know how to use it. This isn’t the sort of tool that will give a player some incredible edge in online poker play most of the time. On the other hand, a player who really gets used to the interface and gets into using it can quickly calculate whether their hand is likely to be stronger or weaker than their opponent’s. Using that knowledge for practical play is a complex issue and Poker Stove does not deal with that in any way.

Poker Stove does not make any claim to help improve anyone’s poker game, and it probably can’t improve the poker game of any but the most advanced player with a very good understanding of statistics.

This is an interesting tool to look at for anyone trying to hone their poker strategy. Looking at past hands with the Poker Stove tool can be a real learning experience. On the other hand, this is unlikely to be the answer to a poker player’s prayers. Poker Stove does not advise players how to play. It does not give players strategy tips or any sort of practical application of the statistics that it calculates. As a result, despite being free, Poker Stove is really only the sort of tool we’d recommend for those who are really looking at the statistical side of poker.